Summer Trends & Treatments

Summer season is here and it is all about self-care, self-awareness, and the details. While nails are a must-have accessory, how you jazz up those talons is all up to you.

Which one of these nail types are you?

  1. All-out glam-a-zon
  2. Simple and neat
  3. Does absolutely nothing

Regardless of the category you find yourself in, this month we have some summer trends, treatments and tips to share with you.

In this current day, details matter. Whether you do it all, keep it classy or have a bare minimum nail look, nails can be the last element to really make a look cohesive and polished and it doesn’t matter how minimal or maximum the nail look gleans. Let us help you stay on trend with whatever your personal style is — all while being healthy and learning how to give your nails a little TLC along the way.


Trends we love this summer are sexy and sassy pre-glued designer nails by China Glaze. They come in pink glass, mermaid and blue & gold foil. These designs are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye, while you show off in some of your best outfits. Here are some tips to a long-lasting application:

Step 1: Be sure to wash hands with soap and water then dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Remove any polish on nails with acetone or polish remover.

Step 3:  Shape nails and gently buff the tops with a 240 grit buffer or higher to ensure no damage to the nail plate.

Step 4: Wipe nails a final time with acetone; this will temporarily dehydrate the nail, which will remove any oils and residual nail filings from buffing and shaping. This step helps to prolong the wear-ability of the nails because you are applying them to a clean, dry and oil-free surface.

Step 5: Without touching the tops of the nails, so you don’t contaminate the nail surface with oils, measure and apply the correct size nail by pressing down firmly.

Tip: Use clothing pins to help keep pressure on the nail that you’ve just applied the press on to while you are working on your other digits, they don’t hurt.

Step 6: Be sure to apply the acetone to all nails prior to you applying the designer nails, as the acetone will melt and destroy them.


If you like to wear your nails simple and neat, but need to give them a deep treatment in the case of prior nail damage; such as improper removal of gel polish, acrylic nails, hard gel nails or from using your nails like tools, then we recommend IBX System. This system toughens, strengthens, smoothes and protects the natural nail whether or not there is visible damage, subtle breaks, or splits in the nail. The system needs to be performed by a licensed beauty professional and it is recommended to be done in a series of four times simultaneously; either weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending upon the severity of the case. You can find resources regarding the system and where you can go to have this done on its website



Last but not least, if you are one who tends to neglect your nails but you want to start to do something to care for them, we recommend a very easy nail tip, an at-home Warm Oil Manicure.  The oil will penetrate into the nail plate, filling it with hydration that will moisturize both the nail plate and the cuticle, as well as the tissue around the nail.  This in turn will strengthen the nails, prevent pesky hangnails, and create strong nails with major length (if you don’t cut them).

Follow these easy at-home steps:

Step 1: Shaping nails with a nail file no lower than 240 grit.

Step 2: Soak nails in a bowl of warmed cuticle oil for about seven minutes.

We recommend CND’s Solar Oil.

Step 3: Very gently push back the cuticle using a rubber-tipped pusher.

We recommend supporting a small business and ordering them from

Step 4: Gently buff the top of the nail plate with a buffer no lower than 240 grit.

Step 5: Wash hands with soap and water.

Step 6: Scrub each nail with acetone to remove any surface oils.

Step 7: Apply a quick dry long-lasting top and base coat to add magnificent shine.  

We recommend Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Top and Base Coat.  Can be found at

We are all about individuality, and we know every woman doesn’t have to follow the same trend to be awesomely beautiful. However, we do want to be sure that in this year of Self-Care and Self-Awareness, you do something for yourself — and sometimes that something is simply a coat of polish.


Stay Beautiful, Stay You,

Joy A Johnson, Contributor


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