Blogger of the Month: The Creative and Slaying Mary K Bella

There are bloggers, then there are bloggers that deliver one-of-a-kind looks and take chances on every style given to them. They experiment with color, styles, and texture and give you the inspiration to create the same looks. These creative bloggers are ones we value in the Youtube world and the hair industry and keep apart of our Beauty Examiner’s Program.

One of these bloggers is Mary K. Bella. As we have highlighted her numerous times in our magazine, every single video’s quality of styling, coloring and overall creating heightens. We’re obsessed with every look she delivers, natural or synthetic. As she has gained a mass following for these skills, she is our blogger to highlight for the new year. If you aren’t aware of her, you’ve really been missing out.

Mint Chocolate Chip x Ozone

Telling you about the quality of Mary K Bella’s work doesn’t do her justice as in giving you an example. On her latest Youtube video review, she creates a beautiful mint chocolate chip bob look with Aplus’ newest wig, Ozone. Even though this wig is 100% synthetic, that did not stop Mary from seeing the possibilities of a new color. The wig she received was in style 613 first attempted to transform the look by using the hot water method. The hot water method essentially is a mixture of hot water and color where the wig will sit for a duration and transform to the desired color. Although this did not work, Mary tried her usual coloring method with blue/green coloring, which transformed the wig to a mint green color. We absolutely loved the transformation she created with this wig.

You may think it stopped there, but Mary took the wig to the next level creating dimension with cutting the wig to a bob and razor cutting the right side of the hair. The overall look of the wig was amazing and the best creation we’ve seen done to this new wig. Not only does this speak to the creativity of the blogger, but the quality of the wig. The synthetic hair was able to color, cut and style into a natural look and easy and affordable slay.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Youtube