Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Zerrans

Last issue, we discussed the growing popularity of Brazilian Keratin Treatments within the African American community and how the straightener will affect the hair. As many salon owners and stylist are performing the style, it’s essential to highlight products that will not only effectively straighten the hair, but also do it safely. Keeping with our green theme, Zerrans is a fantastic Brazilian Keratin Treatment that every stylist should consider using on their clients. The treatment is 100% vegetable, utterly safe for natural hair and does not contain any harmful ingredients, especially formaldehyde. Although the procedure is pricier than most, we are sure clients will spend the extra bucks to protect their hair.

To perform this treatment, it is crucial to become Zerran certified as this treatment requires training. There are two treatments that can be performed: semi-permanent, which will revert the hair back to its natural state after time and permanent. If you’re interested in the process of this treatment, here is an example of how it is performed.

Zerrans Brazilian Keratin Treatment

To perform a Brazilian Keratin Treatment the process takes 1-2 hours, similar to a relaxer or dye.

Step 1: Clean hair. If the hair contains oil or heavy styling products, even shampoo, it is important to wash through 2-3 times.

Step 2: After shampooing the hair, it is important to dry the hair thoroughly. Concentrate not only on the surface, but also deep into the hair as water penetrates deeply and will prevent the treatment from fully absorbing.

Step 3: Apply the treatment to the hair using a bowl and brush, completely saturating the hair. Follow up with rough drying that leaves the hair still damp.

Step 4: Spray the sealant on the hair and comb through to ends.

Step 5: Let it dry and brush if needed in order to flat iron smoothly.

Step 6: Divide the hair into sections, grab a thin segment of hair, and straighten it with a flat iron (Zerran recommended) at about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Start with flat ironing the hair once slowly for smoothing then following up 5-7 times slowly.

Step 7: After the procedure is finished, rinse thoroughly with water and apply the moisturizer evenly. Allow the moisturizer to fully apply for about five minutes and rinse again.

Step 8: When all the procedures are finished, use a blow dryer to dry the hair and comb it.

For products using the lehmalin ingredient, it is recommended that you do not use hair rollers or a hot curling iron for at least three days after the procedure. Zerrans products, thanks to their 100% natural ingredients, do not require a wait to wash like traditional keratin treatments.

Photo courtesy: ZERRAN RealLisse Step by Step