CosmoBiz Magazine 2019 Beauty Stores of the Year

As our magazine is tailored to the hair and beauty industry, it is essential to highlight the beauty supply stores that are continually bringing the gap between store owners and its customers. Beauty supply store owners serve as the middleman between the companies and their customers. They are the ones selling the product and getting the information to their customers about which products are worth purchasing. These stores have a humongous influence on trends and what products customers will be using in their routine. For that, highlighting beauty supply stores that continually engage their customers is important.

We must also highlight these stores because as everyone is aware, there is a divide between store owners and their customers. With the different backgrounds and ethnicities, multiple altercations have happened this year that have caused fear on both sides. Although these incidents are spreading, there are companies that aim to bridge the gap and gain understanding and patience with their customers with the returning energy back.

This year, we selected two retail businesses that exemplified all of the following traits and more. These stores are transforming the standard of beauty supply stores and are leaving lasting impressions with their customers. Of course, there are beauty stores all over that are changing the standard that we may have missed, but as we repair the relationship of retail stores and their customers, we hope to highlight them in the future. Congrats to these two stores for their efforts of expanding the notion of a beauty supply store into something bigger.

2019 Beauty Store of the Year: C&S Beauty, Lawrenceville, Georgia

C&S Beauty purchased a shabby building and opened its third store, which transformed the store into far more than its humble beginnings. The spacious store is approximately 8,000 sq. ft. with luxurious furnishings, almost boutique-like. The store features products that are beautifully displayed on shelves making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Wigs are displayed with confidence and poise, attracting customers to try on products for purchase immediately. Even the low-priced wigs are given as much focus as their higher-priced cousins. The staff are recognizable and readily available to help wearing uniforms and ever-present. The atmosphere as a whole is inviting and creates a smooth shopping experience where customers are grateful for the staff while the staff are grateful to offer their service. We applaud Mr. Juseo, CEO of C & S Beauty, the best retailer in 2019, and his excellent staff.

2019 Beauty Store of the Year: Bella Crown, Clinton, Maryland,

Although Bella Crown is a small store with 2,200 sq. ft., it comes packed with promise. Opening in 2000, the shop is almost a small boutique with clear lighting, high ceilings and top-of-the-line furnishings. What separates Bella Crown from other beauty supply stores are the products designed specifically for its customers. With its own brand of bundled hair and IndiRemi, chemical products, organic products, wigs, and trichology services, this store is unlike any of its kind. In the back, the wig section looks like a storefront, with each wig on the mannequin easily ready to try on.

Bella Crown has also made a number of products popular on Facebook and Instagram. ETEA, bentonite clay, and the 360 wave brush are some to name few. Bella Crown is creating a new form of the beauty supply store that has never been seen. With the success of Bella Crown and how they are transforming the concept of beauty supply store, we’re sure expansion is in the future. Congrats to Mr. Johng and the whole team.