Flat Irons – Low-Cost Vs Salon Quality

How much was your purchase for your current flat iron? Did you splurge and get a flat iron with top-of-the-line features or were you on a budget resulting in a cheaper version? Although some may argue low-priced flat irons and luxury flat irons are the same, we’re here to break it to you that they are not. The price is not the only difference and not the most important. When purchasing a quality flat iron, here are some points you need to look for to make sure you’re getting a safe product for your pockets and your hair.

Temperature Button
While this may seem minor to you, this is very important in deciphering a quality flat iron from a cheaper version. There are many flat irons that do not feature a temperature setting, which gives you a variety of temperature to flat iron your hair with. This is very important because each hair texture requires a different temperature. Whether you are flat ironing synthetic, Remi or your own human hair, you need a variety of temperatures to cater to each type. If you find a flat iron without a temperature button, skip to another brand as this will not serve every hair situation.

Plating: What is it Made of?
Another important factor when look for a quality flat iron is the plating. This is most important to us, the customer, because we look to achieve the same body and slay as our stylist performed on our hair. There have been a lot of good plates to come on the market, but currently, the most performed with stylist are ceramic, tourmaline and titanium.

Ceramic is the most commonly used and known as it heats evenly. This prevents heat from being hotter in one area than the other causing heat damage in different parts of the hair strand. While ceramic is good, one thing to be cautious about is the difference between ceramic and ceramic coating. There have been commercials featuring Ceramic Plates that are low costing. These plates are usually coated only with ceramic and do not spread heat evenly as advertised.

Tourmaline is a mineral that has become popular in Korea and is another flat iron option you should consider. Tourmaline is finely ground and placed on a ceramic plate. The tourmaline-coated plate helps smooth the hair through the flat iron during styling and allows the hair to straighten even in a single stroke.

Titanium is the most recently developed plate type. Titanium has the ability to produce negative ions, which can be beneficial for those suffering from frizzy hair due to moisture or humidity. Titanium also has a titanium coating that is just as cheap as a ceramic and is not made of titanium.

The Test: How To See if Your Flat Iron is a Quality Flat Iron
If the first two points don’t show you enough proof of the quality of your flat iron, there is a way to visually confirm the difference between salon-quality products and lower quality products. The main way to see the difference is if the flat iron keeps the same temperature heat throughout flat ironing a strand of hair. This means a quality flat iron will flat iron the hair at the same heat from starting at the roots to the top of the hair without any temperature difference. Lower quality products will gradually drop in temperature as the flat iron moves from the root to the tip.

How can you see this? Just as your hair is damp after applying a heat protecting or treatment, take a damp towel (SAFELY) and a thermometer (hair appropriate) under the towel. Safely and slowly run the flat iron through the towel/thermometer to see if the temperature changes. If it stays consistent, your flat iron quality is good. If not, consider what is really causing your heat damage.

Yes, ladies, it may take all your coins to purchase a quality flat iron, but just as you are investing in other things, invest in your hair and its quality. Just as you are looking for safe products without harmful chemicals, look for quality flat irons that won’t damage the care you’ve already put into your hair. Not only will the flat iron last longer, but will treat your hair safely.