Hair Type 101

Girls, we’re going to get you right for the beginning of 2019 starting with your hair. When converting to natural, one of the biggest problems women face is finding products that work with their hair texture. Every purchase can be a hit or miss and sometimes you’re left with products you will never use costing you a pretty penny. Here is one way you can save yourself time, struggle and money. Knowing your hair type and curl pattern can solve loads of problems and not only rejuvenate your hair, but result in enjoying your natural hair journey. Keep reading to see what your possible curl type is and a recommendation of products catering to your type.  

Andre Walker Hair Typing System

Celebrity Stylist Andre Walker is the creator of the hair typing system. It’s likely his name will sound familiar, Andre has served as a stylist to Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. Those two names should speak volumes towards his craft as both of these inspirational ladies serve everyday slays. After creating products for his haircare line, Andre created the hair typing system, which includes “four main hair types, each type ranging from 2-3 different textures. The main premise of his typing was so “women with kinky hair types wouldn’t have to worry about wasting money and potentially damaging their hair thanks to the system.” This table is a perfect example in finding your hair type and the characteristics to each one.

Characteristics and Products for 3 & 4 Hair Types

Type 3: Curly Hair

3A:  Hair curl is neatly twisted but may tend to frizz, so it is best to use a lightweight product with good holding power. People who use shampoo every day should also use conditioner, so that the hair does not dry out.

3B: The hair curl is less tight than 3a, but curls are well shaped. The texture is rough and dense. Use light products to prevent hair from accumulating.

3C: This curl is the tightest among the bunch, shaped like a corkscrew. We recommend shampooing at least once a week followed with light vegetable gel for deep conditioning.

Products: Shea Moisture’s new Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go collection is the perfect recommendation for those who love their curl pattern and need a quick look. This line introduces a layered system to help achieve a defined wash-and-go for a range of textures, 3A-4C. It will also help extend the life of hair in between washes.

Type 4: Kinky Hair

4A: This hair curl pattern is almost identical to the “s” shape. These shapes generally keep moisture well. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the curly hair type, it is hard to spread sebum easily, which leads to dryness. Use a cream or butter conditioner to help keep your hair moisturized.

4B:  Hair is ‘z’ shaped pattern with a soft, fluffy appearance. It can easily become dry and suffer breakage because of ‘z’ curvature. Rich moisture, gentle cleansers and deep conditioning often help protect your hair from hair loss. Also, to prevent breakage, invest time in natural styles.

4C:  The tightest kinkier hair that can be similar to 4b hair, but more coily. There is no specific curl pattern that appears when hair is shampooed because the hair curl is tightly twisted. You suffer major shrinkage, so try not to shampoo and brush your hair every day. Try to apply protective styling to keep the curls loose.

Products: If you want to see your curls pop, using a curl enhancing hair product is key. We love our old favorite Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Shea Moisture that’s specifically tailored to coily and kinky textures. This product will add shine and health back into the hair, especially during protective styling.

Photo Credit: Andre Walker Hair, Pinterest

Quote credits: Andre Walker Hair