Kate’s Corner

This month, I’m wanted to share some of my favorite new products we’ve tested out in our office, the Details brush range. Details is a new company that has launched to offer a variety of high-quality brushes available exclusively in Nabor Beauty supply stores and select beauty supply stores. I love how they are committed to helping The National Museum of African American History and Culture with their proceeds while providing a great product. I think these brushes will be the next big thing in men’s grooming, as they are indeed well crafted and effective.
Currently, the line includes two of the nicest boar-bristle brushes I’ve seen in years. One consists of a long handle and a paddle front, the other is an ergonomic, palm fitted brush that fits the scalp. The palm brush is perfect for creating a trendy waved style, although the quality far outweighs a trend. You’ll want to keep an eye on this fantastic brand, we expect to see big things from them in the next year.