Last Look: 2019 Freshman Class

This may be our Last Look, but we’re going to take a first look at our 2019 Freshman Class! These beauties have been on our radar all throughout 2018, and with their growing name in the industry, we’re predicting these ladies to shine for the year of 2019. Some are familiar while others have just starred in breaking roles. Either way, we’re sure they will become your favorites throughout the year.

Zendaya (@zendaya) – Yes, we know you’re familiar with Zendaya, and she has had an amazing year, but this is just the start. With closing the end of 2018 a little quiet, we suspect she’s been working on more significant projects that will be life-changing for her career. We predict that this will be Zendaya’s Oscar moment year!

Tati Gabrielle (@tatigabrielle) – Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, made a come back to our screens this winter and Tati’s witchy, yet sexy character had us all Googling to see who she was. We are in love with her edginess and know for sure she’ll be making her name in the industry to bigger roles.

Alisha Boe (@alishaboe) – Of course, you’ve Netflixed it up and have been binge watching 13 Reasons Why, so Alisha should already be on your radar. Her dramatic role on the show has displayed her incredible acting abilities, and we’re so excited to see her as other groundbreaking characters this year.

Vanessa Morgan (@vanessamorgan)Riverdale is our favorite teen dramatic show to watch, and with Vanessa becoming a regular on the show, she is giving us even more reason to tune in. As this is her breaking role, we know she’ll be more on our movies screens than television.

Chloe & Halle (@chloexhalle) – Everyone is familiar with the two sisters as they are backed by Parkwood Entertainment, aka, Beyoncé. But the two sisters have been making quite a name for themselves in the music industry and on the television show, Grownish. 2019 will be a big year for the ladies with their music evolving and season two premiering.

Photo Credit: Instagram