A Look For Every Date

When you’re on the road to romance, every date needs a different look. While you want to make a good impression on your partner and those around you, you also want to show your authentic self. Finding a middle ground can be tough, but we’ll walk you through some style inspiration for every type of date.  

Coffee Date
Whether you’re sipping chai lattes and talking philosophy until closing or ruling out another bad egg from a dating app – there’s nothing quite as classic as a coffee shop date. What we love about a coffee shop meet up is that you have endless potential. When considering your look for the day, we love an easy minimalist look like a fluffed out natural style or messily styled braids. The goal is an “I woke up like this” look that highlights your natural look without being too complicated.

After Work Meetup
The coffee date went well, and you’re meeting up after work for drinks – unless you have a quick commute, the challenge here is to find the fine line between date night and workplace appropriate. We love a simple wig look for this type of date because you can switch out with ease, or make a few makeup and wardrobe changes and go as is.

A Formal Affair
On your way to your partners’ work party or heading a wedding as a +1? It’s time to bring out some more luxurious styles. The key for a formal look is to focus on timeless styles with high-quality finishes. This is not the time for an Ali Baba $15 weave, that’s for sure. Classic waves, stylish updos and structured volume all make for a flawless hook.

Tropical Destination
You and your partner have made it long haul and are headed to a tropical winter vacation? Lucky you! Comfortable styles that have endless potential are the way to go. Think short wigs and weaves that can be kept out of the water and off your neck. Natural updos and easy to manage braids are also a great way to beat the heat while keeping your boo’s eyes on you.