Date Night Makeup Looks

Open your eyes from the Birdbox challenge and see that love is finally in the air! It’s the season of chocolates, teddy bears and the ultimate date night of your dreams. While deciding on your date night outfit can be the easiest process, picking out the right makeup look can be a little tricky. You want to give vibes that you took the effort to pick out a look, but also look effortless. You also want to go for a classy look, while giving your man something to brag about. This is where YouTube comes into play. Here are some of our favorite date night inspiration looks from YouTube makeup OGs.

Sex Appeal
Sexy, Sexy! Of course, our go-to date night look is a sexy, sultry look. You want to leave your man with his jaw on the floor when he first sees you, okurrrr! For this look, we’re going with dark hues, winged lines and a signature red lip. If red is too bright for you, opt for a dark purple or nude to put the focus on the eyes. Either option, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you for the night!

Girly and Sweet
While the love month is filled with red, pink and white, going on-theme is super appropriate. One-color looks are very trendy and adding the matching makeup sets the tone of the outfit. If you are wearing a hot pink look, go for a soft pink eye and a nude pink lip. To complete the girly and sweet look, gloss on the lips is a must

Nude Behavior
Nude hues will always be a classic look and very appropriate to match with any date night attire. Most brands have a variety of nude sets like eyeshadow palettes and liner and lip sets, which makes creating the look a piece of cake. What’s also fun about nude eyeshadow is the two looks you can achieve: chic and minimalist with a matte nude and bright and golden with shimmer nudes. Either way, this is a classic look with minimal effort, which is perfect for makeup beginners.

Photo Credit: Youtube and Instagram