New Bundled Hair by Nabor Cooperative

If you’ve been keeping up with CosmoBiz Magazine and the beauty supply store industry, the Nabor Cooperative business isn’t foreign to you. The company has been expanding its efforts into the beauty industry and continues with the release of their own bundled hair, Eon hair, to be sold in beauty supply stores nationwide. As the DETAILS brush and other hair care products have been successful within their market, the bundled hair is forecast to do the same with top quality and competitive pricing.

Before sharing our thoughts on the hair, let’s discuss the pricing, as this is one of the most critical aspects when purchasing the hair. Pricing of bundled hair is usually determined by a couple of factors including quality, weight, style, market, and extra features. This is what results in expensive makes/hair being deemed expensive and cheaper makes/hair being less so. Eon bundled hair is affordable, but not cheap, it creates a middle ground between these two categories with a product that is higher quality with a reasonable price. With the company holding to high standards of true, accurate, and quantifiable pricing they offer consumers a new standard. In the past, hair companies had no standard to gauge pricing by and could give less hair for higher prices and vice versa. In recent years many larger companies have made an effort to be more open with how they gauge pricing, adding weights and measurable amounts on the packaging. Eon Hair continues with this great new tradition to allow consumers to feel safe and content with their purchase. Ultimately, we believe this honesty will be one of the significant factors that help Eon Hair take the market by storm.

While pricing is a deciding factor with many customer’s purchasing habits quality, as we mentioned, also plays a significant role. The quality of bundled hair is heavily discussed in our magazine, particularly as the boutique hair craze continues to rise. Customers are flocking to social media to find their virgin hair bundles for an affordable price and hoping that these will provide excellent quality. Unfortunately, the quality of these products is compromised by the disreputable manufacturers as conditions are grave. This results in contaminated hair and cheap, unethical labor. Many boutiques that are selling the hair are ignorant of how their hair is being manufactured and are selling bad products under the quality wrapping. Nabor Cooperative has put emphasis on going overseas and seeing where their hair is being manufactured and delivering the best and safest product at an affordable price.

While we only received a peek at all the products Nabor plans to sell at beauty supply stores, we did learn that there are multiple bundle options for customers. First is the standard bundled hair, sold in a variety of lengths and styles (straight, wavy, etc.). The packaging is very minimalistic, so as to not distract the customer from the focus of the hair and quality. Our favorite option of the bunch was a bundled package that offers more hair for a cheaper price. In the package, there are three lengths with a closure included, which makes the wig-making process a one-purchase beauty. The closure is a 4×4 full hand tied closure with a natural parting in three sections for a middle, left or right part. The versatility of the closure is amazing, and with pre-plucking for a natural hairline and the addition of laid baby hair, this is going to make a great protective hairstyle. Of course, as the hair is virgin, you are free to dye, bleach or perm the hair.

With the production and expansion of Nabor Cooperative, Eon Hair will be one of their many successful products with the versatility and the curiosity of making creative alternatives for a better, natural look. It is essential for the beauty supply store market to compete with the growing online competition and show customers that genuine quality and accurate pricing will triumph over popularity.