On Trend: Bobbi Boss New Color Melt Wigs

With the new year comes new trends! We’re excited to introduce these new items to the market for the beauty supply store owners who are selling the products, the stylists who are using these trends on their client’s hair, and customers who are waiting to pick up a new look.

In our December issue we introduced our 2019 Color Trends; the hottest trends on the market to end last year and will continue to set the tone into the new year. Our first pick was the Front Color Streaks seen on many celebrities in the industry including Cardi B and reality star Bambi. The front color streak style uses a section of hair at the front that is a seperate hue than the rest of the style. Some of them include a dark base with a pop of blonde or red, while others feature playful color blocking. While our audience is jumping on the trend, Bobbi Boss proves to be the leader in trendsetting and their innovative team was already in the works to produce a wig style catering to this look. With that, we introduce their newest design: Color Melt Wigs.

Bobbi Boss takes the color block style to the next level by not just highlighting one strand of hair, but by creating natural highlights to blend back into the darker hue. For example, Draya has a caramel tone with sun-kissed highlights that create a brightening, strobe effect for a stunning visual result. Our favorite, and the most coveted among Bobbi Boss customers, is the Amiyah style in the TTHL1B/350.

Digging deeper in why this style is preferred over the Draya, we must look back into 2018. Bobbi Boss introduced and defined themselves in 2018 with the Yara wig. They set the tone for this style and almost every design for the year has echoed the features of Yara. This is the style customers preferred, and it helped Bobbi Boss gain its notoriety. Entering into the new year, Bobbi Boss is creating a new color style, which is trendy and popular, but that has stayed true to the Yara style. Amiyah is an asymmetrical wig with a beautiful side part featuring a shorter bob in the back and longer locks in the front. Keep the Yara style, but make it 2019.

For the basics of the Color Melt wigs, the style is fully synthetic, but the beautiful strands have a natural feel. The hair isn’t too shiny (fake looking) or too stiff (synthetic results). The hair has bounce and healthy body. It features a deep handmade part you can wear to your desire, but we preferred to wear a side part like the model; with the asymmetrical style we felt this parting helped it fit better. While the hair comes flipped under and not needing touch ups, the wig is heat safe. We found that if you did touch up the hair with heat, it did offer more body to the ends.

The color melt series is the perfect start of the year for Bobbi Boss. They relate so much to fast-fashion retail companies as they offer on-trend styles as soon as or earlier than they are hot and offering the style at an affordable price. If this is the heat Bobbi Boss is bringing to us in 2019, we want alllllll parts of it.

Photo Credit: Instagram