Valerie Kuziva: Traditional Elegance in South Africa

This month, we wanted to share a unique collection of images with you from photographer and artist Valerie Kuziva. Our editor first found Kuziva’s work while checking the local tags while visiting Southern Africa. From her modern take on traditional styles, it’s clear that Kuziva is someone to keep an eye on.

Raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, the collections Kuziva has showcased highlight the dynamic blend of traditional cultural dress blended with modern hair and beauty aesthetics. This clash of styles works together beautifully to create a romantic, almost fairytale quality that we couldn’t look away from.

Currently, Kuziva lives in Cape Town, South Africa and shoots her projects on a Canon Mark two. While many of her current projects are for commercial work, she hopes to continue her work on her Kings and Queens series – which we’ve showcased a few images from here.
We can’t wait to see more from this talented, young artist!

Kings and Queens
Photography by: Valerie Kuziva
Shot With: Canon Mark 2