Instagram Dewy Makeup: The Perfect Base

Scrolling through your favorite beauty articles, there is one thing you are probably wondering: how do models have such a perfect looking complexion? Sometimes it could be due to image enhancement techniques used to polish the photos of models and celebrities, but it can also be a result of a great skincare routine and the perfect foundation. Read below to get the top tips and products for a dewy skin in the winter.

Get a facial at home
To get the perfect base, it is important to prep your skin with the appropriate products for your skin type. Apply a boost oil to nourish the skin and help prevent moisture loss. Don’t forget the eye area and give it a drop or two of a replenishing eye serum to get rid of the dark circles and black under-eye bags. For the optimal skin, apply boost products that contain high levels of botanical actives and natural ingredients, such as macadamia nut oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin C, Seaweed, and Sandalwood. Such cosmetic products will not only help with face hydration but will also prevent wrinkles and help diminish the fine lines around the sensitive parts of the skin on the face.

After we’ve taken care of the base, we move on to what makes the #no filter Instagram photos impressive – the foundation.

According to many makeup artists and established brands, foundation is becoming one of the most innovative and versatile beauty products. There are so many categories when it comes to foundation – texture, color, application, packaging and coverage.

Only in recent years have cosmetic manufacturers come up with a wider palette of shade to correspond to all skin tones. Some cosmetic parlours even offer a special equipment that measures your skin and determines the exact combination of foundation shades to perfectly match your complexion. One of the prevailing trends in recent years concerns not only the foundation but almost every item in your makeup bag – it has to be cruelty free, and made without any harmful additives that may cause breakouts.

The variety in terms of packaging is ah-mazing! Here are a few tips of application to go with each different type of foundation depending on your skin:

  1. For a dewy skin, apply a liquid foundation either with a silicone sponge, as, unlike a sponge blonder, it thoroughly applies the entire amount of products leaving no residue due to silicone’s clean properties. Meanwhile, the warmth of your own skin will help the foundation absorb more easily.
  2. If you have a very dry skin, avoid stick or powder foundation. Apply a liquid foundation or even better – use a concealer and apply on the spots where you would normally apply foundation. This way you will avoid the very dry areas and if blended well, there will be no difference in the complexion.
  3. If you have very oily skin, go for a powder or a stick foundation. Apply it with a beauty blender or a brush, preferably made of synthetic hair.

The perfect base depends not only on the cosmetic products you apply, but also on the nutrients you take in – do not forget to drink water and eat less sugar and salt to boost a natural healthy glow all day long!

Images: Shutterstock