Makeup Challenge: Bratz Dolls

We love a good makeup challenge! As each trend comes and goes, so does the viral makeup challenges which test your makeup skills and creativity. The latest challenge to enter 2019 is the Bratz Dolls makeup challenge, which influencers, YouTube makeup artist and admirers are obsessed with.

To join the challenge, you begin with choosing which Bratz doll look you want to create. The dolls come in a variety of different shades and looks to represent every woman. After selecting your look, you recreate the Bratz doll on your face. Bratz dolls are known to be feminine with elaborate eyeshadow looks and over-plumped lips. Challengers have been going above and beyond recreating the looks with drawing their faces just like the doll with matching hair and clothes!

We are in loveeee with this creative challenge. This also takes us down memory lane playing with Bratz dolls as we were growing up. Take a look at some of our favorite looks from the challenge!

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Photo Credit: Instagram