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Most beauty supply store operators are busy attending their customers.
To save time, they use CosmoBiz B2B Solution to reach your products.

For the Retail Stores
No need to open individual accounts with each indie brand company. With a few clicks, you can place an order or re-order. Get your shipment directly from the manufacturers.
For Vendors
Purchasing through middlemen has its benefits, but cost savings by ordering directly from the manufacturers will elevate competitiveness. Lower price is always the best marketing tool.
CosmoBiz B2B Solution
As a leading organization for the beauty supply industry, the CosmoBiz provides industry news, textbooks for Retail Beauty Consultant, and career training programs. Most importantly, B2B Solution.

Here are some great Benefits of Using CosmoBiz B2B Solution

It's Easy to Setup 
Consumers like to visit your website, but the busy retailers don't have time to search your site, open an account, verify their business, and negotiate the prices. Instead, they come to CosmoBiz to get the latest industry news and order new and hot products. Offer them a competitive price and watch your brand rise. Please note, we only accept sellers with highly demanded or competitively priced products to sell on CosmoBiz.
Verified Buyers and Sellers
CosmoBis offers exclusive access to the industry insiders only. No public is allowed. We check and verify all Buyers and Vendors with their business licenses and location of businesses, and authentic dealership of each product. Any Vendor or Buyer conducting improper business practices will be banned or removed. Transacting with peace of mind is the biggest benefit of CosmoBiz.
Vendor and Buyer Protection
All transactions should complete as each party agreed. Any buyer or seller violating the payment term will be banned from the site until the outstanding balance is paid to the Vendor. When there are return or exchange issues, our system helps both parties to communicate clearly to avoid any potential dispute. CosmoBiz platform is designed with healthier business relationships in mind.
Helping Your Regional Distributors
You can run your entire sales activities in the Seller Dashboard. You can relay orders to your regional distributors or territory sales reps. Operate from multiple warehouses. You can print invoices and packing lists. The employees can collaborate and manage all transactions smoothly. Customer Relations Manager (CRM) is also available as an optional service.
All Transaction Records in One Place
Knowing your buyers individually makes a huge difference in brand relationships with the stores. Knowing what messages had been exchanged in past transactions, knowing their purchasing patterns are key to maintaining steady and continuous relationships. Use our messaging system with buyers and keep track of all transactions.

If You Have Hot Selling or Competitively Priced Products, Then Join Us. 

Don't limit your growth potential to one distributor. Sell your product through all beauty supply stores.