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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Video is a Half the Business


Loreum Ipsum is very simply

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Everyone knows how important video is for their businesses. BUT there are a few reasons why they hesitate to make a video content. 


Don't worry. The 7LOX Got this.

They understand the "complexity" of your audience and know how to connect your product/brand with them. More importantly, they are "dirt cheap" compare to the awesome "quality of work" they do. Check the samples of their work below and see what I am talking about.


Product Commercial

Standard Package: $3,000.
That includes a half day of brainstorming with client, a half day of shooting, and five days of post production.


Feature and Story Telling

Basic Package: $1,000/min, 5 minutes minimum.
That includes a half day of brainstorming with client, usually an hour of shooting per minute. About 10 hours of editing per minute.


Yes, We Do Music Video Too

Standard Package: $3,600.
That includes consultation, concept development, pre-production planning, full day shoot and 40 hours of post production.  

Rob C.

A good video allows business to convey emotions and answer the essential ways surrounding the marketing of products and services.

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A study shows that videos helped businesses increase; Brand awareness by 70%; Traffic by 51%; and Sales by 34%. 

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They don't bite. Please feel free to email, 7loxvideo@gmail.com.

Set Budget

Decide who will create the story board, estimate production cost.


Arrange the shoot. Walkthrough before the shoot. And shoot. 

Post Prod.

Editing is where magic happens. Hit or miss comes from editing. 

It doesn't cost anything nor bothering anyone to discuss what you have in mind. Email us about your project and see if working together will be a good fit. Depending on the season, scheduling availability will vary.

Based on the basic package-price shown above, you can determine the extent of shooting and editing. More location of shooting means more hours of work. We offer 2 complimentary revisions during post production, but additional altering means more editing work and hours, in which means more money. In our experience with past projects, complete production can be done within the basic-package rate. 

Once you decide your budget for production and signed agreement, we then set a time for a meeting for brainstorming. We prefer zoom conference or FaceTime. But if you prefer us to attend the meeting in person, please provide transportation and lodging. 

During the budgeting process, we will determine who will be the "Creativity Director" for your project. If you or your employee will be the CD, then we will verify what is possible and what is not during the brainstorming meeting. We will be happy to suggest our ideas on top of yours. If you designate 7Lox to the CD, then we will generate a story board and present it during the meeting. You can add your ideas and suggestions on top of our story board.

Having proper preparation in pre production will allow for a smoother experience during production and post production. This can significantly help save on headaches, time, and money. You should manage the meeting to complete within the given amount of time. Please remember we work per hour and additional hours will be added to the final invoice. 

In between pre-production and the production day, all necessary arrangement should be made. Scouting and pre-arranging shooting locations, as well as scheduling of talents and staff. In our experience, it is a good idea to have back-up talents and staff members in case of no-show emergencies. Please consider that 7LOX blocks the time for your production and will cost us dearly if the production schedule changes. Due to that reason, we will bill you 50% of our production rate in case of last minute rescheduling. Usually 72 hours notice can help avoid these fees, excluding out of pocket costs such as location reservations.

Post-production - Editing and Altering

Editing is where the magic happens. Anyone can shoot, but not everyone can edit. 7LOX's strength is in its editing work. We will first lay down the track and have you preview the edit. Based on your selection and feedback, we will complete the edit. We then send a more complete and revised draft for final cut edit revisions or notes. This will be the last chance to alter before the final delivery. Any more fixes and edit will cost our time and we must add additional time to your final invoice.